Bucket List Travel Adventures

I am a ‘wanna be’ world traveler.  I have only just begun to fill my bucket list with memorable travel experiences both domestic and abroad.    My favorite thing to do is absorb the local color and not necessarily hit all the standard attractions.  While some of the more exotic places will take more money than I have or will have set aside in a lifetime, I continue to dream and plan.  This blog is about travel experiences, travel tips and the bucket list location goals.  Readers of this blog are encouraged to share their experiences and pictures.


One thought on “Bucket List Travel Adventures

  1. Although a trip to Paris is on my bucket list, I have enjoyed travelling to and experiencing the cultures and cuisines of our own United States. There are only a few states I have yet to explore and look forward to visiting them in the near future. One recent trip I took was to Park City, Utah. The mountains are amazingly beautiful and the people are very friendly and laid back. Downtown Park City boasts, ski in/ski out. There are many great places to dine, some really exciting shopping and a microbrewery. Lots of outdoor recreation but the high altitude can slow you down a bit. All in all, one of the most beautiful areas of the country I have seen.

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