A Taste of Italy via a Cooking Class

One of the many things my family enjoys about traveling to different places is experiencing a regional flavor through one’s stomach. When my husband recounts his travel experiences it usually involves the experiences recounted via his ‘eating tour’.

In many parts of Europe ‘foodies’ can easily locate cooking schools to provide you with the hands-on experience of the process and the enjoyment of many flavors of local cooking.   Most regions of Italy will feature local ingredients in their cuisine and for an extra cost; some will offer a wine tasting to be paired with the meal.   Some cooking school links I Iooked at in my planning research are listed below:

Prices and packages vary widely depending on the experience.  In our case, since it was a family adventure, I choose a moderately priced class for the ‘novice chef’ to experience.    Whatever venue you decide, I recommend and always check for feedback on Trip Advisor because anyone can be creative and make an experience sound fabulous, but other traveler reviews or lack of traveler reviews speak volumes.

In our trip to Italy this past summer, we located a Cooking School offered through the Esperdi Resort in Sorrento, Italy. 

Our menu consisted of:

  • Pizzettes (essentially appetizer pizzas with tomato and basil or garlic and oil)
  • Gnocchi with tomato sauce (a potato based pasta dough)
  • Sea Bass with lemon
  • Tiramisu

On a scale of 1-10, my family would give it a 8.5 only because not everyone likes eating Sea Bass at 11 in the morning.    However, the experience and time with the family…….priceless.

We all unanimously agreed that the next trip abroad will include another cooking class.


4 thoughts on “A Taste of Italy via a Cooking Class

  1. I will never forget the meals on that trip. Corrina ended up being the best cook out of all of us. She has perfected the Tiramisu that rivals Nonna.

  2. How long were you in Italy for?
    I’m like your husband, I always remember the places I’ve went to through food. I like the idea that you guys go cooking class to experience the culture. I think that is what I would want to do when I travel. When I tried gnocchi, I wasn’t a big fan. One thing I was surprised is that they don’t put meat in their pasta.

    • I am not a fan of gnochhi myself, but these were awesome. We must not know how to prepare in the states. You are right about the absence of meat in their pasta, alot of it is vegetarian. I lost weight while eating there.

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